About calq

We created calq within Kerboo as a project to help the wider digital marketing community to get direct access to the sorts of talks and experts that can make a real difference to your sites and clients. The name ‘calq’ comes from the acronym ‘Come and Learn Quickly’ and it’s from that basic statement that the whole site is based. We intend to give you access to the best experts in the industry in ways that are easy for you to dip into when you have time or binge to learn all you need about an area at the time when you need it most.

We host regular webinars with industry leaders on the topics they know inside out, as a calq visitor you can join the live webinar and interact with the presenter one to one or you can simply view the archived recording at a time that makes the most sense for you.

Use this site to stay informed, train your team and yourself and as a resource to remain on the cutting edge of marketing.

At Kerboo we are passionate about best practice, about doing the things that matter and about promoting education and skills in the online marketing industry. We believe in education, in keeping up with a constantly changing market and in putting the tools you need in your hands when you most need them. At calq you get access to the knowledge of the industries leading experts and with Kerboo you get access to our world class application suite to help analyse, protect and improve every aspect of your online visibility and performance.