A change to how we present calq content to you

We started calq.com as a way for people who wanted to improve their digital marketing knowledge to learn key topics from some of the most knowledgeable people in the world. The key concept was that you could come and you could learn quickly, but at your own pace and on a schedule that made sense for you.
It’s with that original intention in mind that today we are making a change to how we deliver that content.
Up to now we have announced our webinars in advance and invited people to register and attend a live recording. In reality most of the consumption of these events is done afterwards, via the archived recording. Making them live events has also meant that we need to find a time that both suits the audience and the presenter (and everyone in that equation is super busy!) and that’s limited the number of webinars we have been able to deliver.
So from today we are cancelling all upcoming live events and moving to record them and post the archive. You will still be able to view the content but in a better organised and easier to consume way. Both the amazing events with Sam Noble and Kelvin Newman will still be recorded and posted but they will no longer be live events.
We may still have some live events in the future, but these will likely be panel or live discussion events announced in due course.
You will still be able to pose questions to the presenters and I know that everyone we have worked with so far would be more than happy to answer the questions posed either in comments sections (on blog or on the YouTube video comments).
We look forward to giving you even more world class presentations from the best in the industry and invite you to come along and learn with calq.