Special: #brightonSEO Slide Decks

We’ve pulled together the slide decks from this year’s first brightonSEO event (listed alphabetically by speaker):

Aferdita Pacrami: What Games Can Teach us About User Experience and Conversion
Alexandra Tachalova: Reactivating Twitter Accounts – Proven Techniques and Methods
Amy Brann: Brains in Business (Download Link)
Andrew Halliday: Basic Guide to Sever Analysis
Arianne Donoghue: What it’s like having GA Premium?
Barry Adams: How to Find & Fix Crawl Optimisation Issues
Catherine Warrilow: Epic PR Fails and What we Can Learn From Them
Christoph Cemper: Link Knowhow – 7 Things you didn’t know about links, redirects and rel-canonicals
Dawn Anderson: SEO Crawl Rank and Crawl Tank
Dominic Woodman: What is AMP and do I care?
Emily Mace: International Targeting with Hreflang Tags
Erica McGillivray: Putting Your Best Self Forward: Etiquette and Branding in Your Community
Greg Gifford: Marketing to Local Customers
Hannah Butcher: Hello My Name is Blogger, Don’t Make Me Mad!
James Perrin – In Pursuit of UGC: The Power of Genuine Customer Reviews
James Perrott: Guaranteeing Success with Your On-Site Strategy
Jamie Peach & Dipesh Pattni – Under the Hood of Client/Agency Partnerships
Jan-Williem Bobbink: Using Free Machine Learning APIs
Jon Earnshaw: How to Fix any SEO Problem
Laura Hampton: How to Build Useful Audience Personas to Guide Your Digital Strategy
Lisa Myers & James Finlayson: Why SEO Needs to Get Emotional
Marcus Tober: Ranking Factors Reloaded – Why Content is Key to your Success
Matteo Monari – How to Survive the Merge of two Mega-Sites
Mel Carson – Personal Branding Tips and Tactics for Professionals
Natalie Jones – Inbound Comedy – stand out by making your audience laugh
Nathalie Nahai: The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content
Nichola Stott: How Generation Z is Driving Change in Search UX
Olga Andrienko: Ways to localize your global brand
Oliver Mason: Server Logs after Excel Fails
Rachael Dines – Fundamentals of Video SEO
Rhys Jackson: Why marketers need a great A.S.S. (Download Link)
Rob Bucci: Deep Diving into Featured Snippets – How to Earn More and Rise to the Top of the SERPs
Saija Mahon: Biddable media as a driver of demand fulfilment
Samantha Noble: Harnessing the Power of Audience Marketing Through PPC
Simon Jacobson – Connecting User Intent to Brand Experience
Sonia Mazzotta: Getting into Google News: Why it’s Worth it
Stephen Kenwright: Engagement Rate Optimisation
Stephen Kenwright: Engagement Rate Optimisation: How and Why to CRO All the Things
Tom Bennet: Site Speed for Content Marketers
Warren Cowan: Yes, the customer is always right: How giving customers what they want looks after your SEO
William Cecil: Localising Your Global Search Strategy: Key Considerations for Tackling Multiple Territories
Yiğit Konur: Evaluation of User Experience: Inner-view to Google by Published Patents Related with User Experience