How to Earn Natural Links with Publicity Campaigns – A Webinar from Samuel Scott

The best way to build links is not manually or artificially; the best links are natural by-products of getting journalists, bloggers, and other people to talk about you and share your content online.

On Thursday 10th March, we invited Samuel Scott, the Director of Marketing and Communications for log management platform to go into detail on how to earn links using publicity. Sam is based in Tel Aviv and is, alongside his directorship, a global marketing speaker and a contributor to both TechCrunch and Moz.

In this webinar, Sam helps us to better understand link earning opportunities brought on by publicity; and as a former journalist and newspaper editor, he shares his expert advice on:

  • The importance of being able to tell a good story
  • The difference between PR and publicity
  • Why you should hire publicists and not spammers
  • How planning your publicity campaign is the key to success – setting goals, positioning your brand, target market identification etc.
  • How to approach reporters to gain publicity
  • How small businesses can generate publicity

All with the intention of acquiring those much-sought-after valued links.

Watch the Webinar


Talking Points