How to Promote Your Content to Gain Links – A Webinar from Stacey MacNaught

On the 10th of November we had an insightful webinar with Stacey MacNaught: “Content Promotion Tactics for Link Acquisition,” where she discussed how to invest in content in order to get links.

During the webinar, Stacey shared a great example of a data-driven content marketing campaign that was based on questioning 2,000 UK smartphone users. This piece has gained more than 1200 backlinks from 190 referring domains, which proves that this kind of content significantly stands out in the market.

The other great point to persuade you to deliver meaningful and insightful content campaigns is that the majority of content doesn’t bring links and referral traffic to your website. In a recent research conducted by Buzzsumo and Moz, 1 million posts were analyzed. The results show that 75% of these posts achieved ZERO referring domains. In his article, Steve Rayson lists the three main causes of content failure based on the survey results, based on the survey results. The first one is a lack of research and understanding of users’ needs. From my personal experience, I can say that the majority of useless content creation is triggered by a desire to produce quantity, but not quality. Especially in the case of big content hubs where more than 200 articles are going live weekly, it’s hard to keep a balance between those two factors.

By the way, recently we hosted a great webinar with Paddy Moogan, from which you can learn more about the process of crafting new ideas with the help of various tools and techniques. Without being able to produce a great idea, there’s nothing to plan and implement.

Besides sharing the link-building methods based on data-driven content, Stacey talked about building links with images. This technique has proven to be extremely scalable and can be used in any industry.
In order to enforce your image link-building process you can you the following tools:

Google Image Search
TThe last point–but certainly not the least–is that not all of the pieces that gain significant Social Media traction will achieve the same success in terms of link building. The reason is simple – a ‘link’ means much more than a tweet. Here’s a screenshot from Ahrefs that illustrates this perfectly: