How to Identify Content Opportunities – A Webinar from Aleyda Solis

On Wednesday, February 17, we had a fantastic webinar with Aleyda Solis, international SEO consultant and founder of Orainti. The topic was “How to identify content opportunities that will connect with your audience.”

In order to produce engaging content you not only need to be a great copywriter, but you also have to be aware of both your audience’s interests and current market trends. Delivering data-driven content will maximize the efficiency of a content marketing campaign and bring it the best level of visibility.

As Aleyda explained, current successful content marketing campaigns are based on presenting effective content driven by:

  • your own brand
  • your competitors’ brands
  • and the industry in general

Through a detailed analysis of these three sources you can create a comprehensive list of various types of content that are certain to generate the most visibility, conversion and engagement.

Finally, Aleyda provided recommendations about the exact metrics and tools you need to utilize when you’re building a list of the most actionable content:

  • The most important metric for content promoted on your website is conversions. So, the better your content is converting, the more effectively it is working.

the best converting content

  • When you do a competitors’ analysis, you need to look at the pieces that have the best SEO visibility.

the best seo pages

  • The general content landscape can be easily uncovered with the help of tools like BuzzSumo, which allows you to identify the content and opportunities that are working well for you.

To get a more detailed overview of each step you need to take to develop well-delivered content, simply watch Aleyda’s webinar! So, don’t waste your time on producing meaningless and ineffective content; start building powerful content marketing campaigns right now!