About us

We understand what links and coverage really mean

We have been involved in all aspects of links and coverage for over 6 years and we understand the pressures and requirements of anyone looking to develop a strong and beneficial link profile.

Part of the Kerboo Family

Calq has been created by the team that brought you Kerboo, one of the worlds best known and respected link analysis platforms.

Our dedicated team have been helping grow and improve the link profiles for thousands of websites across the world over the last 6 years.

Tried and trusted foundations

The technology behind Calq was developed and tested as part of the Kerboo platform.

Our award winning metrics, LinkRisk and LinkValue have been calculated billions of times every year and help protect and improve the links of thousands of websites.

Our crawling infrastructure and proprietary link graph allow us to bring the power of automation and insight to link reporting with Calq.

Ready to get started?

Calq hasn't launched yet but you can sign up for more info and priority access when we do.